Year-round hot air balloon ride


The Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival now offers year-round hot air balloon rides over the region! An option that has been made possible thanks to a partnership with Mega Mitsubishi.

The many waterways, big parks and the city’s built heritage make it an exceptional location for hot air balloon rides. Packages differ, either in the form of flexible dates, fixed dates, charter rides, etc.

Reservations can be made here or by calling 819-243-2330. Year-round rides are $219 per passenger.

General conditions

A flight can last between 20 and 90 minutes, depending on the direction and speed of prevailing winds. Counting balloon preparation and retrieval, total flight time can be up to three hours. The return to the point of departure is ensured by a chase team that follows the balloon throughout its flight. Each passenger will have the opportunity to toast his or her flight with a glass of bubbly after landing.

Please note that the temperature in the air is about the same as on the ground; don't wear warm clothing for nothing! Follow the rules: simple clothing, of little value, walking shoes (no high heels), no hats; bring a camera if you like, but attached to your neck or to your wrist. Only registered passengers are allowed on the launch site.

There is no age limit for balloon flights! However, for security reasons, a passenger must be tall enough to see over the basket, therefore usually 12 years of age and older or 4 feet tall.

Safety and organizational considerations require that anyone aged 65 or over show a medical certificate before they can be cleared for a hot air balloon ride.

We recommend that all passengers with serious health problems, who have been operated on recently or are undergoing treatment, to obtain medical advice and authorization before making a reservation. Pregnant women are not allowed on hot air balloon flights.

Flights depend on weather conditions and your physical condition. Hot air balloon flights are refundable when cancelled by the pilot or the flight director.

Have a good flight!