p.48-49 Emeralda.pngEmeralda

Emeralda’s extroverted side opens up as she dances, moves and jumps to the rhythm of the party.

p.48-49 Solarée.pngSolarée

Solarée struts about, greeting folks, congratulating them on their finery, and comments on their manners.

p.48-49 L Loco.jpgL.Loco

Caravane presents L-Loco, the one-man orchestra whose ability to so easily play several instruments at once will fascinate you.

p.48-49 Baraka.jpg


A shared thought, a smile or an empathetic look by Baraka is sure to touch anyone’s heart.

p.48-49 Maître de piste.jpg

Ring Master

This most unusual ring master likes to wander around while leaping as high as possible to impress the spectators.