Policy on purchases


1. Terms and conditions for use of the Web site
When you do transactions through the Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival (the “Festival”, “we”, or “our”) Web site (the “Site”), you agree to comply with the terms and conditions of use and the laws and regulations in effect in Quebec. If you fail to comply, your account will be terminated. The Festival reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

Our policy on purchases applies to transactions made through the Festival Web site, at the Promenades Gatineau Festival booth and at the points of sale.

Any service of notice, notification or initiation of legal action must take place in the judicial district of Gatineau, province of Quebec.

Permitted use of the Web site
You are authorized to access the Site and to purchase products only for personal use.

Unauthorized use of the Web site
Any illegal or unauthorized use of the Site for the purpose of selling products, copying the Site, or involving the use of a robot, a search engine or another automated device may lead to an investigation and, possibly, legal action against you.

The Festival does not guarantee that its Site is free of errors, or that it is safe from interruption, cyberattack, service failure or temporary outage coming either from the Site or a third party, nor that it will provide all of the results you hope for through your search or the use of its contents or links. The Site and its contents are provided as is. The Festival is not liable for any type of direct or indirect damage resulting from the use of its Site. The Festival does not guarantee any outcome from the use of its online shopping system.


IMPORTANT: All sales are final. No request for cancellation, modification or refund will be accepted. In the event that the 2021 FMG is canceled, in total or in part, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, tickets will be 100% refunded.

The holder of this ticket agrees to comply with the instructions issued by Public Health, including the presentation of the vaccination passport. The measures will be applied by the organizer in accordance with the evolution of public health instructions.

Health measures related to COVID-19 may change at any time. The FMG will implement all Public Health directives. By purchasing a ticket, the holder agrees to comply with ALL Public Health directives, as well as ALL instructions put in place by the FMG. The ticket holder recognizes and accepts the risks incurred when participating in the various activities scheduled by the FMG. He assumes full responsibility for the risks that may arise from the activities and waives any claim for loss and physical and / or material damage resulting from any causes suffered by the holder, before, during, or after the event. Anyone who does not comply with all regulations and / or directives will be obliged to leave the venue of the event, without reimbursement. In addition, he may be held responsible for losses and damages resulting therefrom.

Given the additional steps to access the site, it is your responsibility to show up on time.

All prices indicated on the Site are in Canadian dollars.

Payment methods
The Festival accepts Visa or MasterCard credit or debit (Interac) payments.


You must fill out all of the fields in the identification form. You must clearly indicate your name as it appears on your credit card.

Maximum authorized
For each transaction, a maximum of 6 tickets for each show is permitted;

It will be possible to purchase tickets for different shows in a single transaction.

Each individual must be in possession of a ticket, regardless of age, with the exception of infants under 2 years of age who can access the shows for free. If you need support, you are welcome to contact customer service at  

Wheelchairs and reduced mobility

Free admission will be provided to an accompanying person of a disabled person holding a Companion Leisure Card (CAL) ( Limited quantities may apply for some shows. Please call us at 819 243-2331 to purchase your ticket(1) and get a 2nd one for free. Proof will be requested.

Product-specific terms and conditions
By proceeding with a purchase, you agree to the conditions and policies specific to each product. Each product purchased will give access to the show mentioned on the electronic ticket. You will have to respect the zone which appears on your ticket.

Any child aged 10 and under must be accompanied by an adult, and they must have their own ticket. Otherwise, they will not be able to pass through the entrance to the site. Only infants aged 2 and under can access the site for free. Each product is available for as long as quantities last and spots are available.

The Festival reserves the right to refuse access to the event or to eject any person whose behaviour is deemed inappropriate, without refund.

Order verification and validation
Orders will only be processed after addresses and other billing information have been verified. In the event that any information is incorrect, in order to avoid any delays in shipping your items, a client service representative will contact you. If we are unable to reach you after three attempts, we reserve the right to cancel your order.

Order confirmation
After completing your purchase, you will be able to see your invoice on your screen, and you will receive a copy of it by email. If you do not receive it (on the screen or by email) after having submitted your payment information, if you receive an error message, or if there is a service interruption during the transaction, you must contact client services at to check whether your order went through. The Festival is not liable if you believe that your order was not processed because you did not receive a confirmation.

Shipping policy

Tickets purchased are only available in electronic format. You have the choice of printing your ticket or presenting it directly on your smartphone, for contactless admission. After your purchase, if you cannot find your e-tickets in your inbox, please check your spam folder.

Product reproduction or modification
It is strictly prohibited to reproduce or modify any of the products sold by the Festival.

Policy on credit and debit (Interac) card security

When you purchase a product through the Festival’s online shopping system, you authorize the Festival to collect data on your Visa or MasterCard credit or debit (Interac) card. The Site securely transmits the information to Paysafe, which determines the validity of the transaction before accepting or refusing it (insufficient funds, card reported stolen, etc.). Once that step is completed, you will receive an invoice by email, with a transaction number or a transaction refusal, depending on whether the transaction has been approved. That step can happen instantly or may take time, depending on the volume of traffic or the ability of Paysafe to respond. If you do not receive a payment confirmation number or a refusal notice (in the form of an invoice) after submitting your payment information, if you receive an error message or if there is a service interruption during the transaction, it is up to you to contact client services at 819-243-2330 or at 1-800-668-8383 to check whether your order has been processed. The Festival cannot be held liable if you presume that your order has not been processed in the event that you do not receive a confirmation.


If you bought a hot air balloon ride, a member of our team, or the pilot will contact you the day before for a flight the next morning or in the afternoon for an evening flight, following the analysis of the flight conditions, in order to inform you of the time and place of the meeting.

If you have any questions about this, please call 819 243-2330 or 1 800 668-8383 or email

You should carefully check the choice of your products and the dates before making your purchase, since no returns, transfers or refunds will be allowed.

If you cannot attend the event, we will not issue a refund. You will get a refund if, and only if, you have purchased the refund option for a hot air balloon ride.

All the programming elements planned for the Festival, including those of the artists, are subject to change, delay or cancellation, without notice. No refund will be granted for these reasons.

If the event is canceled or postponed due to COVID-19, the Festival may, at its sole and exclusive discretion, offer you an exchange or a refund. You are solely responsible for checking whether the event is canceled or postponed through the Site. If the event is canceled in its entirety or postponed, the Festival will inform you through the Site of the guidelines and procedures for the exchange or refund.

In the event that the Government of Quebec imposes one or more rules related, in particular, to the vaccination passport by the end of the event, the FMG reserves the right to apply and follow the rules imposed or recommended. All festival-goers agree to comply with the related regulations issued by Public Health, the Government of Quebec and / or the FMG. In the event that a festival-goer cannot present and / or demonstrate the required or recommended proof of vaccination, no refund will be made.

The FMG may change its exchange and / or refund policies at any time at its sole and exclusive discretion. Any changes to these policies can be found at this hyperlink.