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Klô Pelgag

Klô Pelgag

Friday 23 April


A show powered by the FMG

A virtual concert halfway between an egg salad sandwich and the Y3K bug.

Klô Pelgag and director Laurence “Baz” Morais have united to imagine the grand premiere of Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs, the concert. Unable to play the songs from her new album in front of an audience, Klô Pelgag will dive into everything that was lacking from the last year, everything that was taken away from her, in order to present a concert film filled with fantasy. This spectral concert is an epic surprise party, an unparalleled birthday bash, as well as the mise en abîme of a bucket list.

Klô Pelgag will take risks while accompanying viewers into a world of special effects and bizarre experiences. Braving the elements to present an immersive concert film, she will be joined by some fifteen musicians, making up the band Les grands-mères à broil, as well as several technicians/spectators.

An uncompromising journey out of time – a must see!

Every ticket holder will have access to the performance during 24 hours


The FMG is a proud partner of this initiative carried out in collaboration with the event community!